Supporting charities and volunteering is a big part of what TXO Systems is about. Our commitment to society and the communities where we work goes beyond providing great products and services. We believe in the principle of giving something back and making a meaningful difference to the lives of those in the communities in which we work.


Fundraising for charities and volunteering

Our employees are passionate about raising money for charity, making donations and giving up their own time to volunteer for their favourite good causes. In the last 12 months we’ve run, cycled, climbed and baked our way to raising thousands of pounds for charitable cause. Over the years we’ve supported numerous local and national charities including Wales Air Ambulance, Cancer Research UK and Dreams and Wishes, raising funds and awareness for the vital work that these organisations do.

We understand that many of our employees also like to make donations to their favourite good causes privately and on a regular basis. Our payroll giving scheme (UK only) means they can do this monthly in a simple and tax-efficient way. Through the scheme, the charity receives whatever the employee pledges, but also the amount that would have been paid in tax at the employees’ tax rate.  Payroll giving is a valuable, long term source of revenue, providing regular income to help charities budget and plan ahead more effectively. For more information about payroll giving and to see if your company is eligible, please visit the Institute of Fundraising website.

If you’re part of a charity that could benefit from volunteers’ time, we would be interested in working with you to promote the opportunities available to our people. Please email with more information.


Silver payroll giving quality mark

TXO are incredibly proud tSupporting charities and volunteering is a big part of what TXO Systems is about. o have been awarded a Silver Payroll Giving Quality Mark in 2017. The award is a symbol of excellence that recognises those employers and employees that are making a difference together through payroll giving, and it builds on the bronze awards that we received in 2015 and 2016. You can read more about the award of our Silver Payroll Giving Quality Mark here.


Find out more

For further information, please ask to see our corporate social responsibility (CSR) report which is available upon request.