Cable TV operators globally have specific needs whether stand-alone or as part of a quad play (combining the triple play service of broadband internet access, television and telephone with wireless service provisions). TXO Systems is well positioned to support customers’ needs having relationships in place with industry leaders in Europe and in the US. These deep relationships are centred on both the supply of telecoms network product, focused on CATV (a shorthand term for cable television), and on the take-back of out of service hardware via TXO’s asset recovery programmes.

For example, TXO holds a wide range of CATV equipment supporting DOCSIS 3 technology (Data over Cable Service Interface Specification) and CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System) and other standards for coaxial cable delivered services from equipment manufacturers such as CiscoMotorolaArris and other global OEMs.  We commonly implement CMTS which is a piece of equipment, typically located in a cable company’s headend or hubsite, which is used to provide high speed data services, such as on video on demand, cable Internet or Voice over Internet Protocol, to cable subscribers.

Other Cable TV network specific brands where spare parts can be supplied to customers from stock same-day include:


TXO holds stock of Cable TV products at both our European and US locations in order to provide appropriate and rapid delivery of product for spare parts needs.

Streaming Wars

We understand that operators are grappling with the rising competition of TV streaming services. Learn more about the current streaming wars over on our TXO Optics website.

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