TXO Systems has a broad range of education clients ranging from schools through to universities and higher education establishments globally, as well as pan-regional telecoms networks operated by education and research organisations such as WACREN in Africa.


IT & Telecoms Networks In Education

All over the world universities and higher education establishments maintain LAN (local area networks) for delivering broadband to staff, students and related companies. TXO establishes the telecoms networks for these education providers by enforcing robust network infrastructure solutions. The specific demands in the education sector such as e-learning, online content, multimedia, research and converged voice and data present unique challenges familiar to TXO. In addition, fee paying students have high expectations that the IT & telecoms networks will be reliable with near to 99.5% uptime. Not only this but education establishments the world over face budgetary constraints. For this reason TXO’s clients in the education category rely on TXO to deliver spare parts for optical and LAN networks because they know the cost savings, when compared to new, are considerable.

IT managers in the education field are also consuming TXO’s own brand of peripherals, such as cables and compatible optical transceivers, and since TXO provides such telecoms equipment at a fraction of the cost of OEM supply there is a compelling business case without compromising on quality.

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