The medical industry faces fundamental challenges to the way in which they provide services. They must respond faster, more effectively and with greater efficiency and to do this they must seamlessly evolve their telecoms network to meet current and future demands. TXO Systems enables medical service providers to overcome these challenges through our robust network infrastructure solutions.

Medical is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. It is highly diverse and extends from medical equipment and supplies through pharmaceutical products and medical therapies to healthcare services and not-for-profit organisations. Shifting demographics, spiralling costs and a squeeze on public funding are placing healthcare systems under increasing pressure. This is accentuating the need for organisations to balance financial constraints with an increased demand for services and the need for ongoing technological innovation.

Over the years, TXO has helped a wide range of organisations in the medical and healthcare sector assess the value of their existing, surplus and redundant technology & telecoms assets and model how best to maximise return while minimising OPEX on new purchases. Our success is related to our knowledge and experience in the medical industry and commitment to data security while meeting your requirements for network reliability, performance, and scalability.

To find out more about our expertise within network infrastructure solutions & telecoms network asset management for the medical sector, please contact a member of our team.