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Decommissioning legacy mobile networks

Posted in News on 26 March 2019

To address growing customer demand for faster mobile data speeds, several carriers have announced plans to discontinue service on their 3G networks. This results in increasing numbers of operators decommissioning legacy mobile networks to get rid of their ageing 3G assets with the aims of generating revenue and streamlining operations; focusing on 4G and preparing their networks for 5G technology.


Key concerns with decommissioning legacy mobile networks

Decommissioning legacy mobile networks represents a great challenge for operators to carry out themselves for a number of reasons:

  • Operators risk damage to their reputations for environmental responsibility if they dispose of their networks haphazardly
  • Risk of disruption and loss of focus with ongoing operations
  • Potential gap in expertise for legacy assets to be accurately catalogued for asset tracking and reporting purposes
  • Balance the costs of asset removal, transportation, processing, and storage, against the returns from reuse, resale, and recycling
  • Lack of exposure to a wide customer base for resale


How TXO can help alleviate these concerns

By partnering with TXO, the decommissioned equipment can be globally marketed and resold; generating revenue, minimising expenses and offsetting project costs.

  • TXO provides full compliance with local environmental and WEEE regulations to help achieve your environmental objectives
  • We fully manage the decommissioning, reuse, resale and recycling process to keep you focused on your priorities
  • Benefit from our vast experience in cataloguing rare and valuable telecom network assets down to part and serial number level
  • Avoid upfront de-installation costs through our cost-neutral model via returns from reuse, resale, and recycling
  • Founded in 2005, we’ve accumulated a large network of customers with a demand for legacy through to state of the art hardware


TXO Systems provide professional telecoms asset management services and consultancy that can help with all of the above, plus a lot more. We manage network decommissioning programs from start to finish, for fixed and mobile operators, and will work with you to create a turnkey network asset recovery program to suit your individual requirements and achieve the highest possible returns.

If you have any needs we could possibly discuss or quote on, please get in touch.



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