“End of Life” doesn’t equal a telecoms network equipment upgrade

Telecommunications equipment technology evolves rapidly. Therefore, like most organisations, your telecoms network probably includes current and previous generation equipment from multiple manufacturers. This means managing your network can sometimes be tricky. Things can get even more complicated if the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) declares the equipment End of Life (EOL). As equipment is discontinued, many OEMs would have you believe that there are only three options available: purchase in bulk immediately, follow the upgrade schedule or forego supply. Here we’ll be discussing a few other options that will allow you to save budget and extend the life of your telecoms network.


Stay informed about equipment longevity

Being proactive about your telecoms network can help you avoid any panic caused by a manufacturer’s End of Life announcement. Stay up to date by learning about the product life cycle milestones for your equipment. Asking the necessary questions ahead of time will save you money and stress.


Do you need to upgrade?

Don’t let OEMs dictate when you upgrade your network. Completely renewing your telecoms network can be time consuming and expensive. Upgrades are usually a costly investment, not including the hours spent learning about the new features, de-installing the old equipment and installing the new kit. However, in many cases upgrades aren’t absolutely necessary because legacy and EOL equipment in good working condition can be sourced from the green market via resellers, such as TXO Systems.


TXO Systems can help extend the life of your telecoms network equipment

With the ability to save you anywhere from 60–90% off the OEM list price, TXO offers you the opportunity to extend the life of your telecoms network for less. Besides significant savings, TXO is a leading authority on network parts availability, making long lead times for hard-to-find parts a thing of the past. With more than 800,000 multi-vendor telecoms network parts in stock, from legacy and End of Life equipment through to the very latest generations, TXO Systems is recognised globally as a leader in fixed/wireline & mobile/wireless telecoms parts supply.

By going down the reseller route and choosing TXO, you get access to products that are sustainably sourced, in excellent condition, reliable and backed up by a long warranty at a fraction of the price of buying from a standard distribution channel. TXO Systems’ vast inventory along with our reputation for integrity, quality, and excellence is what sets us apart from the rest. Learn more about the reasons you should buy from TXO.


Maximise your budget, turning legacy telecoms network equipment into cash

If you are considering or have already decided to replace your legacy systems, TXO is here to help with that too. We offer recovery, recycling, disposal and data destruction services that can return cash back into your budget. Asset recovery is one way to do that. TXO will buyback telecoms equipment that you have outgrown, allowing you generate revenue for your budget or be traded in for funds on the newer equipment you’re planning to buy.


Now what?

With TXO, you can responsibly and sustainably acquire, redeploy, resell, and recycle your technology and telecoms network assets, reducing risk and putting you back in control.

If you have questions about telecoms network equipment longevity or any of the other issues raised in this article, please contact us, and we will do our best to assist you.