Long OEM lead times sound familiar?

In our conversations with prospective customers, it seems like everyone we talk to is unhappy about long OEM lead times for telecom network equipment. Every OEM is unique in that it will have different supply chain bottlenecks and constraints but it appears customers are most likely to encounter the following issues:

  • The manufacturer is no longer making those parts.
  • Availability is constrained.
  • Shipping delays – caused by anything from to natural disasters to human error.


Don’t put up with long OEM lead times

As new and used telecoms network asset management specialists, TXO Systems help clients from a variety of disciplines including telecommunications, data centres, oil & gas, government and education to update, maintain and repair their existing systems – without long lead times or pressure to upgrade.

With more than 800,000 telecom network parts in stock from OEMs like Alcatel-LucentArrisCiena, Fujitsu, Juniper, Nokia, Nortel, Siemens and many others, TXO Systems’ multi-vendor telecoms inventory is probably the most comprehensive found anywhere in the world for both current and legacy platforms. This means that, in many cases, we have the flexibility to dispatch orders immediately on receipt of a purchase order and overcome the issues you may be having with OEM supply, while also saving you money on hardware typically purchased at top dollar from the OEM.

If your network contains multiple OEM platforms and technologies you may also benefit from supplier consolidation when choosing TXO Systems. Rather than ordering from disconnected vendors scattered across the globe and receiving shipments at random, by dealing with one vendor the ordering process will simplify and shipments will become easier to manage and track; resulting in less time and administration.

Whether it’s replacement fan trays, power units, hard-to-find line cards or cabinets fully configured to your exact specification, why take risks with other telecom network equipment suppliers when you need to order a critical piece of equipment for your network, have deadlines to meet and want maximum cost savings without sacrificing quality and reliability?

More and more operators are turning to secondary market resellers like TXO Systems for fast delivery of telecom network equipment. Contact TXO Systems today and see how much more streamline the process can be. If you’ve never ventured outside OEM supply, we welcome the opportunity to talk about your business needs and how we can help.


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