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Reverse logistics for the telecoms industry

Posted in News on 05 April 2017

What is Reverse Logistics?

Reverse logistics relates to what happens to a product after the customer has finished using it. This involves moving the product from the customer’s premises for the specific purpose of capturing value via reselling or recycling, or for the purposes of proper disposal.

Reverse logistics is a good term because while forward logistics describes the journey of the product from manufacturer to customer, reverse logistics describes the return journey back through the supply chain to retain use from the product.


Why is Telecom Reverse Logistics important for my business?

Reverse logistics is vital within the telecoms industry for a number of reasons.

  • Firstly there is growing credence to the notion that we cannot continue to manufacture things and then dispose via landfill. Far better to find a re-use possibility either within an organisation or outside of it, or failing that, to recycle in order to extract materials that can be reused later. It is well known that telecoms equipment contains precious metals as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals for recycling.
  • Secondly the investment level required to purchase carrier grade telecoms equipment is significant and therefore organisations see an economic advantage in capturing residual value via resale. There is an established global market for such telecoms equipment.
  • Thirdly organisations today have to do the right thing in terms of proper disposal of the telecoms equipment or electronic waste and must meet legal and regulatory requirements concerning the proper treatment and processing of WEEE recycling (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).


Treat your old telecom equipment to a new beginning

TXO’s business model rests on finding re-use and recycling opportunities for used telecom network equipment. Whether you are working in Education, Utilities, Medical or any other vertical, TXO Systems offer a wide array of telecom reverse logistics solutions to meet your needs. The ‘circular economy’ is also a brilliant way to think about reverse logistics because of the social and business benefits it can deliver. You can read more about TXO and the circular economy here.



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