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Telecom surplus recovery, made easy!

Posted in News on 13 March 2018

We make telecom surplus recovery as simple as possible

You may have bought hardware from us before, but did you know that TXO also pays fair market value for used and surplus telecom equipment and that we have a streamlined, fully managed service to take care of all your telecom surplus recovery needs?

As you can see from the graphic below, our telecom surplus recovery service is uncomplicated.


Telecom surplus recovery, made easy!
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Recover maximum value from all your surplus, legacy fixed line and mobile telecom equipment

Taking a sustainable and responsible approach to communication network de-installation and asset disposal is becoming more common for clients across a variety of disciplines including telecommunications, data centres, oil & gas, government and education.

With proven experience in the safe and effective decommissioning, dismantling, removal, resale and disposal of telecom hardware, TXO will work with you to identify the most suitable method of recovery to minimise any disruption to your on-going business operations and provide the maximum available return on your investment, allowing you to free up valuable space. This may be through resale, reuse or recycling depending on the market value of the equipment.


More information about telecom surplus recovery

To find out what we can do for you, please contact us to discuss your requirements or read our asset recovery page for more details.



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