Monetise your obsolete telecoms equipment.

Don’t throw away your old and used mobile and fixed line telecoms equipment!

Obsolete telecoms network equipment is not a waste product; it is an asset that you can trade with us for cash or credit that you can use to purchase the latest telecoms equipment parts to meet your business needs. TXO will buyback your unwanted or used telecoms equipment, cutting costs by recovering part of the investment from the sale of outdated telecom systems, making your investments work harder and helping to preserve the environment.

Our telecoms equipment buyback program also allows other companies that are on a budget to buy the equipment that you have outgrown, thus creating a win-win situation for you as well as other potential buyers.


Try TXO’s telecoms equipment buyback program for yourself

To see if your surplus telecoms equipment is suitable for buyback and to receive a purchase quote, upload a parts list in Excel format and our team will respond to you within 1 business day. To expedite your request, please make sure to include quantities, descriptions, and conditions.