Public Switched Telephone Network

Since its establishment in the late 1900s, Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) has always been the most widely used telephone network. Created primarily for analog voice communication over cables, PSTN is now seen as a somewhat old fashioned way of communicating via telephone. Even the term “telephone exchange” now seems rather dated. Examples of this legacy equipment include Nortel DMS, Ericsson AXE10, Marconi System X, Siemens EWSD and Alcatel E10. Lately, however, big carriers are trying to move away from these traditional systems due to their inefficiency. For example BT Openreach announced in 2017 that they will be switching off their existing PSTN networks by 2025. While AT&T announced that they will have replaced their PSTN networks by 2020.


Out with the old, in with the new

Legacy systems such as PSTN are slowly being replaced by IP based solutions. The roll-out of super-fast fibre internet and ethernet provides a faster substitute for telephone networks. Voice over IP (VoIP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) are the top alternatives for businesses. Many operators do not have resources available to carry out this physical decommissioning or just prefer to outsource it as a “non-core” activity. This is where TXO Systems comes in, as we have many years’ experience in the physical decommissioning of legacy PSTN telephone equipment. In addition, TXO’s team is familiar with the challenges of such assignments which often include access difficulties and removal of heavy cabinets with the proper lifting and handling equipment. This also includes the recovery of substantial amounts of underfloor and overhead copper cables that is often associated with legacy PSTN decommissioning projects. This allows the operator to hand back the building to the new occupant clear of all cabinets and cables.


TXO’s decommissioning services

Whether you are upgrading, reacting to changes in corporate infrastructure, such as mergers, acquisitions, relocations or downsizing, our team of asset recovery engineers are qualified to safely and reliably perform PSTN equipment de-installation and decommissioning services. TXO Systems boasts global experience in managing complex reverse logistics programmes for the telecoms industry. This industry experience has yielded substantial insights for TXO into best practice for telecom network de-installation, telecom surplus recovery and the decommissioning and recovery of old or obsolete telecom network equipment.


TXO’s Asset Recovery Services relating to legacy PSTN equipment

Of course it doesn’t end there; TXO is also expert in the creation of value from legacy PSTN equipment, so that essential spare parts can be re-used rather than disposed of. In addition, copper and other metals are properly recycled; this means that in many cases a rebate is available to the customer relating to the value of the material.


TXO’s Telecom network de-installation service highlights

  • Project management includes planning of sub-contractors, security clearances, approvals, site permissions and site reporting
  • Highly skilled de-installation team ensure the safe and efficient removal of redundant network hardware
  • Dedicated TXO Systems vehicles and engineers plus specialist access equipment, all-terrain vehicles and rigging
  • i-TRAC™ customer portal provides a full cataloguing service; each asset is identified down to part and serial number level allowing you to make adjustments to your fixed asset register and balance sheet
  • Equipment is stored securely in our warehousing facilities until sold or recycled


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