What is access network equipment?

A key part of the fixed line/wireline telecoms network is the access network, where services are delivered to subscribers via copper or fibre. TXO covers the key domains of traditional MSAN and DSLAM as well as fibre broadband through our diverse range of access network equipment. Incumbent telco operators have traditionally relied on products like Alcatel Lucent ASAM and more recently Alcatel ISAM to meet this need.


Where can I buy access network equipment?

TXO has a substantial inventory of these telecoms products and they can be dispatched from stock subject to availability. Commonly delivered products include the Alcatel ISAM 7342 FTTU (fibre to the user) which is a very widely used GPON solution (Gigabit Passive Optical Network).

TXO also stocks more hard-to-find telecommunication network platforms such as Lucent ANYMEDIA, Lucent Stinger (DSL Access Concentrator) and Huawei DSLAM solutions such as the MA5600 product range including the commonly required control board (SCUB). The TXO inventory includes the Marconi AXH range of access network equipment products, known as Marconi MSAN, that can also be difficult-to-find. Please check with us for the latest stock status.

Other legacy platforms within the access network product range, and where TXO has expertise, includes the Siemens FastLink which is a legacy access system designed for traditional and data services via IDSN or DSL. TXO’s telecoms test lab is equipped with some of these platforms so please check at the time of ordering to see if a testing service for the required platform is available.

In addition TXO has undertaken many access network equipment de-installation and decommissioning programmes, including roadside cabinet removal and the associated project management, both domestically and internationally.