TXO covers the complete range of IP routing and switching equipment used in enterprises and public sector organisations, including metro ethernet, carrier grade core routing and switching as well as data centre and security products. Our telecoms equipment stock includes both complete devices as well as individual line cards.

TXO’s portfolio features pre-owned and legacy IP routing and switching telecoms equipment including ATM technologies from Nortel and Newbridge networks, for example Nortel MSS 20000, 15000 & 7000 ATM switches as well as Mainstreet 3600. We also specialise in the more hard to find router devices such as the Ericsson Redback Smart Edge router family of products. Other products that are commonly requested and delivered are Alcatel 7750 service router parts such as IOM card 3HE03619AA.

Every device is data cleansed following rigorous procedures and is supplied with the TXO Certified Warranty for your total peace of mind.

Whether you are looking for state of the art brand new IP routing and switching equipment or a more sustainable and economical option through pre-owned parts then we have the solution and products for you. In addition to this if you are looking to replace your current equipment and need your old parts to be disposed of, then we can provide WEEE recycling or re-sale solutions for your IP routing and switching equipment. Recycling or selling your redundant IP routing and switching equipment through TXO will help your organisation work towards its CSR goals and potentially enable you to salvage value from unused parts.

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