TXO has invested substantially in purchasing telecoms network swap outs from network operators globally. For this reason TXO has a very large inventory of telecoms equipment parts used in the mobile/wireless network ready to dispatch. Our portfolio of mobile and wireless telecoms parts includes the range of OEMs that have been involved in mobile/wireless journey from the beginning such as Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, Huawei, Alcatel, Nortel and Lucent.

In terms of radio access network (RAN) TXO has available for immediate dispatch both complete BTS as well as all of the corresponding modules/plug in units for network upgrade and spare part requirements. Such plug in units include TRX, Combiner, Data card, Radio Unit, Digital unit, Remote radio unit/ RRU power supply and so on.

TXO’s portfolio encompasses the complete spectrum from 2G/GSM to 3G UMTS/WCDMA to 4G LTE. Our inventory is probably the most comprehensive found anywhere which means that network operators contact us first when they have a requirement because they know there is a very good chance we will have the required item in stock. Our product range includes Ericsson DUG, DUW and DUL and RUG, RUW and RUL as well as Nokia System Modules such as FSMF and transport/radio modules such as FXEB.

In terms of backhaul our portfolio is correspondingly strong with a wide range of telecoms network products from traditional optical, such as Alcatel 1641, Alcatel 1660 and also ATM technologies frequently deployed in a mobile backhaul. For example, Nortel Passport MSS 20000, 15000, and 7000. Microwave radio backhaul equipment is also a product line in stock including Ericsson Mini Link, Alcatel 9400/ 9500, Marconi MDRS, Nokia Flexi and Flexi packet, NEC Pasolink, Siemens SRAL and so on.

In the mobile/wireless core network we hold in stock all of the key network elements such as BSC (base station controller), RNC (radio network controller), MGW (media gateway), SGSN (serving GPRS support node), GGSN (gateway GPRS support node), MSC (mobile switching centre), and so on. We have both complete cabinet and individual cards available for same day dispatch with a free warranty.

As an additional service many common modules can be functionally tested prior to shipment in our test lab. The portfolio of products that can be tested for functionality is growing all the time in line with technological change and customer demand. Our telecom lab’s testing and screening service is also available for network operators with high volume requirements.