TXO stocks a wide range of products from Huawei including mobile/wireless, DSLAM/access and also optical transport products. TXO can supply individual modules and complete systems from stock. Please check at the time of ordering for the latest pricing and availability.


Platform Long form Category
BSC6900 Base Station Controller 2G Core network element
BTS3900 BTS3900 2G / 3G/ 4G BTS. BBU and RRU
MA5600 MA5600 IP DSLAM
UMG8900 Universal Media Gateway Core network element
OSN3500 Optical Switching Multi Service transport node
OSN6800 Optical Switching Multi – Service WDM
OSN7500 Optical Core Switching (OCS) Multi – Service Universal switch and transport
OSN8800 Intelligent Optical Transport Backbone WDM
OSN9800 Optical Switching and Networking OTN and MPLS

TXO is a completely independent re-seller and has no association with Huawei or related organisations


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