A key feature of the legacy fixed line/wireline network is the telephone exchange or Central Office (CO) equipment, also termed PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Operators globally have traditionally relied on this PSTN equipment as a key part of the telecommunication network infrastructure and despite rapid technological changes it is still widely used in public networks and large organisations. TXO Systems has a very large stock of PSTN equipment which is available for immediate dispatch to anywhere in the world. Where an outage occurs TXO can alleviate costly issues quickly by dispatching a cost effective PSTN replacement part.

Common systems where TXO has a very comprehensive breadth and depth of stock includes Nortel DMS 100, Marconi System X, Ericsson AXE10, Lucent 5ESS, Alcatel S12 and E10 as well as Siemens EWSD (Elektronisches WaehlSystem Digital). At one time Siemens claimed that they performed switching for 160 million subscriber lines in 100 countries.

Commonly supplied parts for the Nortel DMS PSTN system includes NT6X40GA and NTRX50NL. For Lucent 5ESS TXO also commonly assists with UN375F and UN375E (SP3QADR and SP3QADC), please check for up to date PTSN equipment stock status at the time of ordering.

Increasingly, global operators in Europe and in the USA require onsite dismantling and decommissioning services for PSTN equipment and TXO is very familiar with the specific requirements of such projects, both domestically and internationally.