Do you have live telecom sites with unidentified hardware consuming power and costing you excessive OPEX? Not sure?


TXO Systems can help with a low-cost on-site survey

Our on-site identification services are used to reduce OPEX by identifying sites that have redundant infrastructure, particularly if the hardware is traffic free but still consuming power and therefore wasting your money. We can deploy teams to sites who will conduct a full audit of all infrastructure currently deployed within your sites. As part of any survey our team will cover items such as:

  • Health and safety risk assessments
  • Type of equipment (manufacturer and platform)
  • Number of cabinets, subracks, cards, power units, fan trays etc.


From this survey TXO Systems will compile a detailed report containing information including rack identities, full OEM part numbers of all active infrastructure, quantities of parts, re-sale potential of the live inventory and recycling revenues and costs. For some customers, this service alone fulfils their requirements. For others, they opt for our onward de-installation services.



If the survey leads to a de-install project we will go further with our site assessment, including:

  • How the cabinets are fixed to the wall and floor
  • Length of bolts and how much work is required to cut bolts etc
  • Cabling to the cabinets i.e. are cables able to be cut rather than removed and do they still have power running into them?
  • Access to and from the site – where in the building is the equipment, how far away is it from a lift/loading bay, is there sufficient clearance to extract the hardware?
  • And more


If you choose to pursue a de-install with TXO, there are different options to choose for what to do with any unwanted equipment:


Re-sale potential

TXO Systems offers a fully managed end-to-end telecom network asset recovery service to ensure you recover maximum residual value from the recovered equipment – whether through resale, reuse, recycling or by employing our telecom hardware asset consultancy and asset management solutions. Please see our Asset Recovery FAQ page to learn more about our asset recovery services.



TXO Systems maintain a sustainable approach to de-installations, where possible we would like to recycle on site rather than transport scrap materials.  We ensure that all hazardous and non-hazardous materials are recovered in an environmentally sound manner and provide full traceability on all material containing any hazardous elements in line with current legislation. Go to our Telecoms Recycling page to find out more about our recycling services.

How do I find out more information?

To find out more about our telecoms on-site identification & cataloguing services, please contact us to discuss your requirements or request a free no-obligation quote.