With over 14 years of industry knowledge, operations and experience, TXO provides organisations worldwide with telecom hardware asset consultancy in order to help them to evaluate their existing telecoms asset management, WEEE recycling arrangements and green market opportunities. Services include:

  • Telecom hardware asset consultancy
  • Pricing exercises
  • Bespoke software tools
  • Telecoms network spare parts management and logistics


TXO’s Telecom Hardware Asset Consultancy Software

TXO’s suite of software tools help organisations to manage and to understand the value of their network assets and are available both, as a standalone SaaS (software as a service) solution, or as part of an integrated telecoms network asset recovery programme. Tools include:


  • Simple, real-time access and reporting
  • Track your telecoms parts as they move through TXO’s operations
  • Total equipment inventory transparency
  • Call-back telecoms parts for re-use
  • Track and measure re-sale and recycling campaigns
  • Available as standard to all consignment partners


  • Fast (immediate) decision on if a part should be resold or recycled
  • Effective routing of surplus parts
  • Enables customers to streamline stock
  • Mitigates risk providing the best and emotionless decision on telecoms parts to be resold


  • Instant valuation of OEM part numbers
  • Real-time fair market value for OEM part numbers linked to real-time data
  • Transparent results that provides and supports a business case to swap out or modernise networks along with reselling surplus inventory maximising warehouse footprint