Why recover gold for recycling?

Gold is a precious metal in extremely short supply and that’s exactly why you should recycle gold. In fact, only about 187,200 tons of gold have ever been mined in recorded history (Source: The Gold Council). Telecom network and electronic equipment accounts for some of the biggest uses of gold. According to the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) a staggering 320 tons of gold are now used annually to make PCs, cell phones, tablet computers and other electronic products worldwide – just one more reason to recycle your electronics responsibly. Turn your business’ waste telecom network equipment and electronics into a revenue stream with professional gold recovery and recycling solutions from TXO Systems.


TXO’s gold recovery and recycling solution for Telecoms and Corporate clients

As Europe’s leading recycler of telecoms equipment, TXO has considerable expertise in gold recovery and recycling from waste telecommunications equipment. We are committed to the highest standards of responsible Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) collection, treatment, recovery and disposal.

Furthermore the size and scale of our telecoms asset recovery operations means we are able to command exceptional pricing from our recycling partners, which translates into the highest possible recycling yields for the customer.


The environmental and financial benefits of gold recovery and recycling from telecoms equipment

WEEE contains diverse substances that because of their hazardous content pose considerable environmental risks if not properly managed. Moreover, the production of modern electronics requires the use of scarce and expensive resources such as gold (Au) and other precious metals including silver (Ag) and palladium (Pd).

To contribute to a circular economy and enhance resource efficiency, where telecommunication network equipment has no further market value or cannot be refurbished for return to service, TXO offers a comprehensive WEEE recycling service that keeps electronics at the end of their life out of landfill and makes precious metals such as gold available for repurpose, reducing the demand on primary sources.

The value of precious metals, in particular gold, has risen considerably during recent years. Despite this many companies simply dispose of their excess or redundant telecoms network equipment with little thought to its residual value. As a result much of the world’s e-waste  which is rich in valuable metals such as gold ends up in landfill.


Where can gold be found in telecom equipment?

The circuit boards used in telecommunications equipment are some of the highest yielding electronic boards around in terms of gold. To put this into context, according to the Environmental Protection Agency one ton of circuit boards has anywhere from 40 to 800 times the amount of gold in it than one ton of mined gold ore.

  • Scrap gold can be found in printed circuit boards and many different computer boards
  • Integrated circuits that contain gold
  • Re-useable circuits that can be re-distributed
  • Gold-plated plugs or connectors that may be refined
  • Other substrates that contain precious metals that can be treated as a payable material
  • Edge connectors that can be chemically refined


Realise the value of your end-of-life telecoms assets and achieve your environmental targets

With our experience and reputation for processing gold and other precious metal bearing material you can be assured of an efficient and transparent service that will help you unlock the true value of your business’ waste telecom network equipment and help you meet any environmental and CSR objectives you might have.

As each gold recovery and recycling project differs in size and requirements, please contact us to discuss your individual needs.