TXO’s silver recovery & recycling solution for Telecoms and Corporate clients

Turn your business’ waste telecom network equipment into a revenue stream with professional silver recovery and recycling solutions from TXO Systems.

As Europe’s leading recycler of telecoms equipment, TXO has considerable expertise in silver recovery from waste telecommunications equipment. We are committed to the highest standards of responsible Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) collection, treatment, recovery and disposal.

We reimburse companies for the quantity of silver that we are able to recover from their e-waste and the size and scale of our telecoms asset recovery operations means we are able to command exceptional pricing from our WEEE recycling partners which translates into the highest possible return for the client.


The environmental and financial benefits of silver recovery and recycling from telecoms equipment

TXO’s professional silver recovery and WEEE recycling solutions help telecom and corporate clients unlock the true value of waste telecom network equipment as well reduce their carbon footprint, helping to meet any environmental and CSR objectives that they might have.

WEEE contains diverse substances that because of their hazardous content pose considerable environmental risks if not properly managed. Moreover, the production of modern electronics requires the use of scarce and expensive resources such as silver (Ag) and other precious metals including gold (Au) and palladium (Pd) which put a strain on primary sources.

Where telecommunication network equipment has no further market value or cannot be refurbished for return to service, TXO’s comprehensive WEEE recycling service keeps electronics at the end of their life out of landfill and makes precious metals like silver available for repurpose, reducing the demand on primary sources.

In addition to the clear environmental advantages, the financial benefit of adding another income stream from effective silver recovery and recycling can be substantial, especially when you consider that this money is coming from material which may otherwise have been perceived as having little or no initial value.


All the relevant certifications and permits for the recovery, processing and transportation of electronics waste

Our fully licensed UK lab facility is frequently inspected by local authorities such as Natural Resource Wales, accordingly precious metal bearing material is always treated in keeping with the appropriate rules and regulations. TXO is proud to have received a wide range of certifications including Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF) and Approved Exporter (AE) status.


Identify new business recycling opportunities and increase profitability

Get in touch with our team today to learn how to recover silver from telecom equipment you’d otherwise throw away, and turn waste products into revenue.