TXO has the ability to test modules and complete systems belonging to the following platforms. Note that our testing capability portfolio is growing all the time in response to technology change and customer demand. Please contact us with your requirements.


Our testing capability:

OEM  Model  Category 
Alcatel Lucent 1626 O
Alcatel Lucent 7450 IP
Alcatel Lucent 7750 IP
Alcatel Lucent 1660 SM O
Alcatel Lucent 7330 Remote Aggregation IP
Alcatel Lucent 7360 ISAM A
Alcatel Lucent 7705 SAR-F IP
Alcatel Lucent Omni Switch 6800 IP
Alcatel Lucent 7210 SAS-M IP
Arista 7280SE-68 IP
Aruba 2930F IP
BTI 7060 O
Ciena 3960 IP
Ciena 5142 IP
Ciena 6500 O
Ciena CN4200 O
Ciena CN5140 IP
Ciena Corestream O
Ciena Multiwave O
Cisco 1000 IP
Cisco 3750 IP
Cisco 3845 IP
Cisco 3945 IP
Cisco 4503 IP
Cisco 4506 IP
Cisco 5509 IP
Cisco 6500 IP
Cisco 6513 IP
Cisco 7304 IP
Cisco 7600 IP
Cisco 7603 IP
Cisco 7606 IP
Cisco 12000 IP
Cisco 2960-X IP
Cisco 3750-E IP
Cisco 6509-E IP
Cisco 7606-S IP
Cisco ASA 5520 IP
Cisco ASR 1002 IP
Cisco ASR 1004 IP
Cisco ASR 9000 IP
Cisco ASR 9001 IP
Cisco ASR 920 IP
Cisco CRS-1 IP
Cisco MDS 9250 IP
Cisco ME3600X IP
Cisco Nexus 5010 IP
Cisco ONS-15454 O
Cisco uBR 10012 IP
Cisco WS-C5008 IP
Extreme X670 IP
HP 2824 IP
HP Procurve 3500 IP
HP Procurve 5406ZL IP
HP Procurve 6200 IP
Huawei ATN 950B IP
Huawei BBU 3900 RAN
Huawei BWS 1600 O
Huawei MA5600T A
Huawei Quidway S3300 IP
Huawei Quidway S9306 IP
Huawei S6720-30C-EI-24S IP
Huawei S8505 IP
Juniper EX3300 IP
Juniper M320 IP
Juniper M40 IP
Juniper MX960 IP
Juniper QFX 3500 IP
Juniper SRX5800 IP
Juniper SRX650 IP
Juniper T1600 IP
Lucent 1665 DMX O
Marconi MHL 3000 O
Marconi OMS 1664 O
Marconi OMS 840 O
Marconi SMA 4/16 O
Nokia Flexi BTS 2G RAN
Nokia Flexi BTS 3G RAN
Nokia Flexi BTS 4G RAN
Nortel 4200 O
Nortel 4550T IP
Nortel 8010 MERS IP
Nortel CPL O
Nortel DX O
Nortel Optera 1600G O
Nortel Optera LH O
Nortel TN-16X O
Nortel TN-1X O
Nortel TN-64X O
Nortel/ Ciena 5200 O
NSN A-2140 IP
NSN A-2200 ET IP
Redback SE 1200 IP
Siemens hiD 6610 IP
Transmode TM-301 O


A = Access
O = Optical Networks
IP = IP Routing
RAN = Radio Access Network