Increasingly telco customers want to take the considerable cost saving and flexibility benefits that compatible optical transceivers can offer further and explore ways to unlock further efficiency savings via strategic use of compatible optics and customised optics.

In some cases this means reducing the total transceiver matrix within a given network down to the minimum possible number of variants in order to reduce cost and overheads associated with stock holding. TXO Optics is uniquely positioned for this task because our telecoms testing lab is equipped with most of the network devices used by telco operators. This means that we can replicate the client network and then develop optical transceivers that provide interoperability with a number of devices.

Another way to unlock savings in the supply chain is provided by TXO Optics’ code-on-demand telecoms solution whereby base modules are held centrally on behalf of a specific customer and then coded for the appropriate device according to a just-in-time methodology, tested and dispatched immediately.

The use of bidi (bi-directional) optics is also increasing because it allows the telco to use the exiting fibre network in a more efficient way. TXO Optics offers these modules across all brands commonly used in the telecoms network and offers 120km for the 1G and 80km for the 10G.

If you are thinking about how compatible optical transceivers and customised optics can help you to bridge awkward or unusual aspects of the telecoms network or about how to unlock efficiencies by reducing the number of different optical transceiver variants used, please contact us at or call +44 (0)1291 623 813.


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